Launched in 2016, Custom House International is a brand made for a new generation of travelers. A full line of totes, backpacks, briefcases and soft luggage, Custom House International is made for transitioning effortlessly from dinner table to airport, and moving from continent to continent with lightness and ease.

Using light, durable and easy-to-maintain materials, the brand's collections shed preconceived notions of what bags should look like and be made out of. Our products help you organize your world, and enable you to edit your belongings so that you have the right tools at your side, in your daily use and longhaul travel. 

Developed and conceived by Andrew Yang, Custom House International was simultaneously inspired by the Shanghai Bund, mid-century New York architect Wallace K. Harrison and the International Style of architecture. While disparate in scope and period, these touchstones are the results of shared ideas and influences, and capture the best of design, culture and 20th Century history.


About the Founder

Based in New York, Andrew Yang has spent more than 15 intense years criss-crossing the world, with 10 of those years as a design journalist, and 4 of those years based in Shanghai. He founded Custom House International in 2016 to make luggage and accessories that were closely aligned with modern values of traveling and engaging with the world. In addition, Andrew is a managing partner and investor of Mission Chinese Food (NY) and a co-founder of Modern Principle, a management company for prominent furniture brands.